Thursday, December 17, 2009

Health Care Reform 2009: DOA

Time to Reveal that Elephant Tattoo on your Ass, Joe

Savannah, Ga. Those feckless wonders currently holding majority status in the U.S. Senate have made this bed--now crawl under the covers and spoon with Joseph Isadore Lieberman.

Reid and his flaccid captaincy should have done any number of things regarding the Hypocrite from Connecticut. The Nevadan could have demanded complete and total obeisance from Sen. Droopy Dog in exchange for keeping his former Democratic party seniority. He didn't. He could have better courted the Mainers--Sens. Snowe or Collins; he didn't. He could have employed reconciliation, (despite foot-stomping from Sens. Byrd and Feingold) necessitating only 50 votes and quickly setting the Senate on a path to better match the House Bill. Again, Reid didn't.

So here we are. A whole lot of nothing. Something much, much less than a majority of us thought we were voting for a year ago. Oh, and about that November vote: where's the President in all of this? Cogitating. Collating. We may have thought we were voting for an FDR, but we got another Clinton after all. And not the better one.

Today the Tiger of the House, Speaker Pelosi, says Congress might have something for Obama to sign in time for the January State of the Union Address, again thanks to Reid's pussy-footing in the Senate. We also hear rumors that Leiberman may finally remove that rubber-mask of Independence and officially join the GOP.

Happy Holidays.

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