Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pietist, Phony, Fake

Blinkered Historian; Drama Queen, Sociopath

Savannah, GA.  A life in the Theatre pays many surprising dividends. Not the least of which is the ability to recognize an overweening ego in a fellow actor.  The rehearsal hall can be very revealing in this regard.  In short order it becomes abundantly clear the modesty-challenged are in it only for themselves.  Collaboration is not a word in their vocabulary.  It is a sad spectacle.  We're now in the rehearsal stage of the Teapublican presidential nominating process.  What is true in the theatre is especially so respecting the juvenile named Newt now in the running for the nomination.

This boy-man will say anything so long as it self-promotes.  He is sneaky and slick.  Incapable of fidelity to vows, he'll lie directly into the lens of a camera or the eyes of a spouse.  He revels in the creation of chaos.  Challenge him, he'll call you a traitor.  Call him out, he'll spout whatever bullshit pops into his head.  He has no pole star; he utterly lacks any sense of empathy.  He is empty, no core. Gingrich has a many phases to the truth as the Moon has aspects of shadows to the Earth.

And this lunatic wishes to be our President.