Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sue, Shirley, Sue

Bust Breitbart's Balls
Savannah, GA. As a fellow Georgian, I am so very proud of how Ms. Sherrod has handled this grotesque, right-wing, oddly Soviet-esque smear and defamation campaign against her. Shirley hasn't backed down and gone whimperingly into the night. She's fought back (and many, many citizens hope she continues to fight on in the courts) against the blatantly false aspersions claimed in an edited video (worthy of a Kremlin Wall doctored photograph), promulgated by the creature called Breitbart. I'm no attorney, but it would certainly appear to this civilian that the injuries and wrongs Ms. Sherrod has suffered at the hands of the mucosal Breitbart (and the unnamed 'source' who purportedly performed the sly and duplicitous video editing) are actionable conduct. Court action would also reveal Breibart's mysterious 'source'--standard procedure when Journalists(*cough*) splash about in the wading pool of fraud.

Shirley also had a few choice words for the NAACP which unceremoniously dropped any support of her once the video became the story-of-the-day for media-outlet-but-not-real-news-organization, FOX. The NAACP has since flip-flopped, issued an apology and moved on. A little learnin' is a good thing.

If anybody needs a lesson on properly handling racial accusations it's this White House. The Right says, "jump" and the Obama Administration says, "in which pair of shoes?" How many more times will this White House make the same mistake assuming their political adversaries are honorable and interested in trustworthy discourse?