Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GOP and Rick Perry: Why Do They Hate America?


Savannah, GA.
Too wonderful for words.

Completely the courtesy of Hebiclens/WMxdesign's Photostream on flickr

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hysterical Bigots

They Just Don't Get It
Savannah, GA. This organization seeks to destroy marriage. Pure and simple. They are an abomination. They would willingly split up families, remove children from loving parents, deny equality within American society. For these miscreants, committed relationships between consenting adults must pass a litmus test of some Christer Purity.

Let us be clear: Followers of the evil god of Abraham may teach and preach wholly what they wish within their churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, tents and parking lots. Within their homes and apartments they may certainly raise their children to believe as they see fit. Welcome to America. What they may not do--and yet desperately seek--is to do the same in the public square. To reduce the "other" to secondary or demi-status. Too bad for them, but that's both outside of their homes and certainly, by virtue of definition, not their place of worship. Besides, I pay full taxes too; so I get to sit at the big table. Ride at the front of the bus. Enjoy equal rights under the law. Intolerant spiritual chauvinists, they can only see a binary universe; a sad existence of naughty and nice, black and white, right vs. wrong.

They are hysterical and bigoted.