Friday, June 5, 2009

The Quisling Right Wing

The Axis Powers
Savannah, GA. Our last President preferred engagement with the Muslim world through unilateral enmity, using guns, bombs and warfare. A group of wingnut al-Qaeda jihadists, lead by a wealthy member of a Saudi royal family killed over 3,000 in lower Manhattan and so Cheney attacked Iraq. Patriotic Americans questioning the reasoning behind this action were quickly vilified and branded traitorous. Chubby-Tubby Limbaugh, his 'anally poisoned' butt-boy Hannity and the Drama Queen Known As Beck, were quick, oh so quick--even eager--to attack fellow countrymen who didn't goose-step to the party line.

Now President Obama delivers a major policy speech in a major Muslim capitol, seeking comity among the less radicalized in the region, and the well-upholstered balloonicle Limbaugh, along with the talking pointed-heads on FOX have gone all Vidkun Quisling on us, collaborating with al-Qaeda in a mutual wish for American failure in these efforts of association to mutual benefit.

Their hatred for and shrill rhetoric against the best interests of America are shocking in their magnitude, if only for the sheer weight of the overlying hypocrisy.

Benedict Arnold, meet your 21st century counterpart: the Quisling Right Wing.