Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RNC: Goat Rodeo

Savannah, Ga. The Republican National Committee, a cruft organization if ever there was, has 'had all it can stand, and it can't stands no more.' While Group Leader wannabes are gifting fellow goppers 7th grade study hall CD's about "magic negroes," current party bosses are fighting the Grand Cause of Relevancy in the dark times between presidential elections, that interval when their own elected pols relegate them to the children's table and go about doing what grownups do.

According to an "exclusive" in today's Moonie News, RNC Vice Chairman Jim Bopp, Jr., has penned a resolution opposing the Federal bailouts of Wall Street and Car Makers. Further, he breaks Great Leader Unca Ronnie's 1966 directive by trashing Congressional Republicans, and even Dubya, by invoking the "S" word: Socialism. These Quislings are using Big Government and Socialist Tactics to attack capitalism. We're just a hop, skip, and jump away from losing our individual liberties and freedoms.

Oh, those kids.