Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's total bullsh*t
Savannah, GA. Finally, for the utterly ego-challenged we have another way to waste time and socially network. Yet another tool and outlet for "All Things ME Right Now." Twitter: for the self-centered, self-obsessed, and their sycophants. As if the creepy adolescence of Facebook (writing on 'walls', 'poking' others, meaninglessly long lists of 'friends') weren't unserious enough, the collective self-importance of Twits can let many, many people know everything and anything their twitter-pated self-esteem deems share worthy. Twits are tweeting the trivial, the trifling, the truly incidental. As Katie Couric so eloquently put it, Nobody gives a rat's ass if I'm about to eat a Tuna fish sandwich.

You're not that important, folks.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Bunghole

Rusty Limbaugh
Savannah, GA Often gripped by wretched rectal references, Jabba the Rush outdid himself the other day when he pinched a load on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's compliments of President Obama

So here is a full-fledged, committed global socialist praising the president of the United States for all of his achievements in the first 70 days -- a global socialist happy with the changes Obama has made, and 'you have changed America's relationship with the world,' which is why all of the losers that make up the protesters are breaking bank windows, but the slobbering, the slobbering - this guy, folks I'm telling you - if he keeps this up throughout the G20, Gordon Brown will come down with anal poisoning and may die from it.


He may be number one with his regularly listening audience, but for most of us, he's simply number two.