Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1% War Tax on Incomes over $200,000

Obama's War is no Free Lunch

Savannah, GA. Now that the President has laid out his plans for the next few years regarding the war in Afghanistan, it's time to revisit the 'guns vs. butter' model of production possibilities.

The Troglodytes on the Right have been insisting the approximately 900 Billion dollar cost of passing health care is a price too high, a burden which will increase the deficit, punish future generations and must of necessity pay for itself down to the dime. The Beck's, the baggers, the blowhards, the birdbrains, the boobs and boneheads have been bleating about this for months.

Let's see if we can make them squeal like little piggies: Tax the Rich.

General McChrystal's Afghan Strategy asks for 30,000 additional troops and support for a long-term commitment, costing about 900 Billion dollars,

Time to make the Birthers/Freepers/Jeepers/Creepers pay for their plan, too. A 1% War Surtax on incomes over $200,000 annually would go a goodly way to redress this inequity. Especially since so precious few offspring of the elite monied class have seen fit to make the sacrifice by volunteering to serve. Most of the burden of our Iraq/Afghanistan ventures are carried on the backs of America's less wealthy.

Make the rich kids serve, or make them pay for the privilege of sitting on their hands in the stands. This is a war, after all.

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