Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two Clowns

Rep. Tim Bearden and John Monroe, esq.?

Savannah, GA. One day into Georgia's new rootin' tootin' gun law, the Second Amendment Fetishists are shocked, shocked they may not bring their permitted handguns into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Ben DeCosta, airport general manager and advocate of common sense said, "My message is simple: Leave your firearms at home." With their tighty whiteys in a pinch and their feelings in a lather, gun rights attorney Mr. John Monroe has filed a lawsuit to allow the gun-fixated to stride the Terminal with a holstered weapon--something the law doesn't permit in the airport parking lot. The newly enacted law allows people to carry guns on public transit, in state parks and into restaurants. Monroe argues the Atlanta airport is just the type of public transportation for which the law provides. As everyone knows, there are also restaurants within the terminal, so by Monroe's reckoning.... you get the picture.

A man with a fellow fascination with firearms in public spaces, Rep. Tim Bearden--a state legislator and sponsor of the new law--is named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Apparently this brainiac called a newspaper to inform everyone he would be carrying a concealed weapon to the airport on Tuesday when he went to pick up his family. Perhaps the public servant could have the courtesy to inform us all when and wherever he ventures out into public?

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