Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second Amendment Fetishism Con't...

Vitaly Alex Kovtun Doesn't like Mustard

Savannah, GA. One of the assurances we're given by people like GA State Rep. Tim Bearden, and John Monroe, Esq. (plaintiff and attorney in a lawsuit against Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for the right of Handgun Activists like themselves to walk packin' through the Terminal) and organizations such as--real, and the NRA is that permitted, law-abiding, citizens are thoroughly vetted by their States, using tools such as the National Instant Check System (NICS) before granting a license. (The NICS process takes between a minute to 3 days to complete.) Although this process is certainly better than nothing, it does nothing to see if the applicant is a nutbar who is about to be a fruitcake with a concealed weapon permit.

Although most anything--state regulated or no--can be turned into a weapon used in a felonious assault, hammers, screwdrivers, knives, automobiles do not have as their sole design and function a fatal purpose. The same claim is not an easy sell when it comes to semiautomatic handguns. Inner rage translates into deadly force so quickly, so easily, so readily, when there is a handgun handy. Which brings us to the vetted and formerly law-abiding gentleman above.

Last month, three teenagers cruising about in the 'burbs of Salt Lake City, pulled up next to a vehicle at a stoplight and one of the passengers, Stephen Cox, thought he'd joke around, and straight out of Wayne's World, straight from a well-known series of TV ads in the late '80's, asked, "Excuse me, sir... do you have any Grey Poupon?" In response, 22-year old Kovtun pulled a handgun from the glove compartment, cocked it, pointed it at the passengers in the other vehicle and said, "Here's your Grey Poupon. Roll your fucking windows up." Later caught and arrested, Mr. Kovtun has been charged with aggravated assault--a third-degree felony--in violation of Utah Code 76-5-102. According to court documents, Vitaly admitted to pulling the semiautomatic weapon, cocking the slide and pointing it at the people in the other vehicle.

Now common sense would dictate this man has forfeited any right to continue holding any concealed weapons permit. Obsessed, fixated, Guns Rights Activists will be happy to learn that the State of Utah has merely suspended--not canceled--his permit for the present.

So-called law-abiding citizens, legally armed with a concealed weapons permit is no guarantee of anything except wishful thinking and the hope that these strangers, granted the right to carry concealed deadly force won't have a bad day and a handy pistol to make it all better.

I feel safer, don't you?

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