Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plymouth Direct / Harriet Carter: Sneaky, Sleazy, Online Merchant

"The 'As Seen on TV' Product Development Company"

Savannah, GA.  We've all seen the ubiquitous TV ads.  Smart Mop®, Urine Gone®, Mighty Putty®, Fast Brite®--these are just a few of the items this company hawks both on television and online.  What you may not know is this:  once you buy something from these folks (or one of their aliases), you become a likely member of a Very Special Club.  Plymouth Direct/Harriet Carter's little in-house Shopping Sprites take you (and your provided credit card information) under their collective wings and transform into eager volunteer Shopping Assistants, selecting unbidden items willy-nilly and shipping them to your home while freely charging your account.  Not unlike a gift that keeps on giving, this outfit is a TV/online purchase order that keeps on charging and shipping.  And not multiple selections of your original order, either--that would be an easy mistake--but new and different products from their clever inventory of "inventions."  Intuitively, they'll provide this service without any direct contact or prior permission.  Surreptitiously, they'll do this often after months have passed from your initial and only purchase. 

Plymouth Direct customers have been known to cancel an existing credit card, obtain a new account number and replacement ID, all in an effort to put an end to the random shipments of Stream Clean®, with Code Yellow™.  Thank you, Harriet Carter &

Always remember:  unsolicited merchandise is considered a gift throughout most of the U.S.  Thanks again, PD!

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Michelle King said...

Thank you for this info! I am on hold with AMEX because they called to confirm some purchases from Plymouth Direct Link and I had no clue what that was so Googled it and your blog was the first hit. Now I know exactly what's going on because we ordered some dumb thing off tv a day or two before this. Ack! Hopefully AMEX will be able to block any future charges. Thanks so much for sharing this info - I didn't see anything else about it after your blog on the Google search and that's scary! Imagine how many people are dealing with this! Thanks again!