Friday, April 23, 2010

Soviet Arizona: Present Your Papers!

image courtesy of Village Voice

No Profiling. Not here. Not nohow.

Savannah, GA. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law an Orwellian measure compelling police to determine the legal immigration status of any individual they encounter. In typical Red-Fascist fashion, this--to quote the President here--"misguided" law of the land "threatens to undermine basic notions of fairness." But let's not be coy about this, Mr. President. This kind of reactionary law not only encourages wanton racial profiling--as if that fact alone were't bad enough--this measure places a tremendous amount of raw, arbitrary, power into the hands of the State. In reality, this law will force all citizens to keep such information handy as to determine they're legal to move about in AZ country. "Let me see your papers. All Hail Arizona."

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Monique said...

As a Human and a Hispanic, I am appalled by how many people in our country agree with this law.
I'm continually shocked at how easily & cleverly the conservative movement continues its campaign of faux-Patriotism while habitually introducing the most anti-american values and ideas. They're against gov't intrusion in their lives, but also against gay marriage. So against gov't intrusion, in fact, that they supported the Patriot Act. They don't want "socialist medicine" but they gotta have their Medicare. They wave the flag and claim to love freedom, while introducing a law to profile and require papers. Some days I feel sorry for conservatives and their ability to be easily duped and lied to. Other days, I'm outraged at how this movement seems to be making this sort of asinine thinking common in our country. Like a slow-growing disease. Sorry for the rant. Today is one of my "outraged" days. :)