Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthers: F**k Off

Conspiracy Wingnuttery
Savannah, GA. In the so-called Birthers' Cloud Cuckoo land of perfectly sealed birth certificates, everyone has a copy of, or access to, their "original sealed birth certificate." To those who are Adoptees--either by one or both parents--know this is not the case. They have amended certificates. Amended certificates listing the adoptive parent(s) at the top of the "Certificate of Live Birth", not their birthparent(s). In fact, the birthparent(s) has/have been eliminated from the document.

Example: In Washington State, if a step-father adopts a child in their early teens, the new Certificate of Live Birth issued will list the step-father as simply the "father" and show the date of his marriage to the birthmother. As there may be a number of years between the child's birth and the birthmother's subsequent marriage to the step-father, the child has the onus of officially becoming an illegitimate birth in the eyes of the State, until such time of the new marriage. This could be a period of several years. This official, State-issued document is now blatantly inaccurate, insulting, and embarrassing.

My question to the conspiracy fetishists known as 'Birthers' is this: Are these individuals fully-fledged citizens? Are they some kind of demi-American because their birth certificate has been altered by the State?

If Birthers--and their GOP handlers--want to accomplish something good out of all this, press for the truth on ALL birth certificates, help the cause of ALL adoptees to finally, at last, be provided with verity, accuracy, and fact-based information about the most important day of their lives: The Day They Were Born.

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EMILY said...

Erm. Mostly right on, bro, as regards the birthers... but as an adult who was adopted as an infant back when the records were *always* sealed, I'd like to quibble a little with your statement that "the most important day of [adoptees'] lives [is] The Day They Were Born." In my mind, The Day I Was Adopted is pretty damn important. No one ever asks me to list it on documents or forms, but that doesn't mean I don't consider it as important as the day I started breathing on my own. Yes, my birth certificate lists my adoptive parents, which could be interpreted as a literal falsehood, but it makes perfect sense to me. The vast majority of those documents and forms that ask about my birthdate aren't interested in my genealogy, but in my age, upbringing, and maybe my financial viability. For the vast majority of such purposes, my adoptive parents' names are more pertinent. I know it's more complicated for someone with a more complicated parental history, but please: I am an adoptee, and I think the day I was born was incidental. I think the day I was adopted was a hard-won day of joy for my (adoptive) parents, and, in retrospect, for me.

Pththbbt! So there, silly Ballard person. But mostly F**k off, birthers, if you can't see that this has nothing to do with what freakazoid paranoid leotarded crap you're up to.