Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shall We Leave the Gods Out of it, for Chrissakes?

Crabby race-baiting HIV-denying hysteric vs. Nutbar witch-hunting self-proclaimed prophet

Savannah, GA One full day to go until this never-ending campaign finally turns into a pumpkin, and the Republicans in the fullness of time are at last running ads in Pennsylvania (at least) targeting Sen. Obama's decades-old association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. So it's officially fair game in the faith department. The Reverend Wright's rhetoric gives me the heebeegeebies, but the Rapture-tastic, Pentecostal, witch-hunter Thomas Muthee takes the whole Halloween cake.

For the less superstitious, there is very little time, and even less tolerance, to listen to believers debate the merits of cranky desert gods, but Sarah Palin--surprise!--has the gall to say,
"[Obama] sat in the pews for 20 years and heard Rev. Wright say some things that most people would find a bit concerning."

Gov. Palin may be correct in her assumption. But Sarah was raised a Pentecostal, and bathed in issues regarding the 'End of Times.' Care to wager even more Americans might be even more concerned to know her answers to these questions?

Gov. Palin:

1. Do you believe in the anti-Christ?
2. Do you believe we're living in the end times?
3. Do you believe that Jesus will return in your lifetime?
4. Do you believe that true Christians have to battle Satanic agents in the End Times?
5. Do you see yourself as a warrior for Christ as part of a new Apostolic movement?

via Talk To Action

Oh, and that distant beat you hear? Sen. McCain's 72 year-old heart...

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