Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Third Rail Touched

How Do You Spell Motivated Youth Vote? D-R-A-F-T

Savannah, Ga. Today at a Sen. McCain rally in Las Cruces, NM, at the end of a heart-felt and poignant statement made by a member of the audience concerning our Nation's disgraceful treatment of our Veterans, a raw nugget of political plutonium flared into life and entered the Presidential contest. Given the abusive treatment extended to our all-volunteer military vets in health care, housing and access to same, the attendee asked the Arizona Senator how we will fight in the future absent a draft? McCain's response:

"Let me say, [applause] I don't disagree with anything you said."

See for yourself:

I'm just barely old enough to have sweated the Vietnam draft. Few events focused a (then) young man's mind and motivations than the prospect of being sent to war. The generation subsequent--not to mention their parents--has never faced such an imperative or obligation. We are content to allow others--'volunteers'--to fulfill our national security military needs. Contentment will morph into resentment, protestation and civic disobedience dormant and unseen in America for 40 years. There is no single issue or precipitating event which carries with it the potential for societal upheaval as does a return to a military draft.

I wonder if John "Bomb, bomb Iran" McCain was really listening to what was being said.

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