Monday, June 16, 2008

African Vampire

Savannah, GA.  We are not going to give up our country for a mere 'X' on a ballot. How can a ball point pen fight with a gun? With those words, President-apparently-for-life Robert Mugabe today officially shut the door on any pretense of representative democracy in Zimbabwe. The Jesuit-trained racist homophobe has not finished his murderous blood meal of fellow countrymen, especially the Ndebele. Clearly, there are more opposition members to be shot, more printing presses to bomb, more journalists to be tortured.

The West (when not actively pouring accolades on his shoulders--this means you Edinburgh University, University of Massachusetts, Michigan State University--and all during the time when people were being raped, beaten, 'disappeared,' publicly executed, or burned alive in their huts.) will do its usual cluck and twitter, look askance, look away, and go back to worrying about $150 barrels of oil

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