Monday, March 26, 2007

Katie Couric: Bottom Feeder

Using the time-honored ploy of desperate journalists, Katie Couric CBS anchor and 60 Minutes reporter interviewed herself in a grilling of the Edwards' decision to stay in the 2008 Presidential sweepstakes despite the recent return of Elizabeth Edwards cancer. Throwing editorial comments willy-nilly, like a poor-man's radio shock jock, she peppered her comments with the tell-tale catch-all, "Some people..." Listen for yourself. Only 19 more months of this to go.

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Sean said...

After her first appearance as the new anchor for CBS news, I wrote a letter of complaint that she has the journalistic equivalent of macaroni and cheese.

I hate Katie Couric's work. CBS too, for that matter. They've taken important work and turned it into a fucking massage parlor. The message? "Above all, make sure that you like Katie Couric."

Get rid of her.